Workers Comp Coverage & Insurance

Workers’ compensation laws are in place in most states to provide compensation to employees who are injured on a job, without going into litigation. Worker’s compensation laws also help employers manage the financial risks involved in on-the-job injuries.

At Specialty Contractor’s Insurance Services, Inc. (SCIS), we provide workers’ compensation Insurance that is designed to help companies pay benefits as a result of  on-the-job injuries. Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect employers from lawsuits as a result of workplace accidents. This coverage includes employee medical care as well as compensation for lost income. Our SCIS workers’ compensation coverage includes:

  • Workers injured while they are on workplace premises on elsewhere on the job
  • Workers who experience a work-related illness
  • Compensation for injured workers, no matter who was at fault in the accident
  • Compensation for time lost from work
  • Compensation for medical and rehabilitation services
  • Death benefits to surviving family members (spouses and dependents)

Every state has different laws that govern the amount and duration for lost income benefits, the provision for medical and rehabilitation services, and how the process is administered. Business owners must purchase workers’ compensation insurance as a separate policy. This coverage is not included in business owners’ policies.

At SCIS, we care about your protective coverage. 

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